Team and Story    

We have three stories blending to one:

First story is about antennas. It dates over five years back. First and foremost goal was to apply new knowledge in design and development of antennas and antenna arrays for the civil market purposes - to design and manufacture satellite navigation antenna with stable phase center for RTK applications. An axially symmetrical structure was chosen for the antenna. The deficiency in the Gain factor was overpassed due to the usage of unique feed circuit. The antenna was designed by the computational electrodynamics methods and manufactured by the Prototype Center Ogre.

Igor Tsarik

Strategic management, design of antennas and boards.

Military academy of communications, specialist in communications and switching system.

Founder, scientist

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Later the antenna was tested in the anechoic chamber and in real systems RTK measurements. Despite the fact that a lot of alterations to the structure of the built-in LNA were introduced, the structure of the antenna remained unchanged.

On the basis of this antenna, an antenna array was designed for the NTLab company. It was tested in the anechoic chamber and as a part of the system. Also preliminary the computational electrodynamics modeling of array was done.

At a later stage a L1/L2/L5 antenna was designed, manufactured and tested. The microwave dielectric substrate produced by the Moldav-Izolit (Moldova) company was used to build the antenna.

The design of the antenna is compact, which lets it to be fitted in the array. Antenna has much lighter weight than all known competition and can be used in unmanned vehicles.

Second story is a story of the USB3 signal capture board. The Cypress FX3 controllers are not very simple to master. There are difficulties with the GPIFII interface and its support in built-in processor and in the computer. But when you overcome these difficulties, controller is giving you wide opportunities for the capture of broadband signals to be processed in computer.

In the process of progressive evaluation of the high speed capturing the capture board and its submodules were developed. First was the submodule with LTC2217 ADC (Linear Technologies), which is used in professional HF receivers.

Second was the submodule with the AD9361 (Analog Devices), which is used in compact direction-finders.

Later the submodule with four SE4150 receivers (SkyWorks) was developed which is used in GNSS heading receivers and GNSS 3D-orientation receivers.

At this time the NTLab company was already testing first engineering samples of the NT1065 chip. Thanks to our partnership with the NTLab in developing antennas and antenna arrays, we were able to get few samples to design and manufacture of the submodule with NT1065. This device was the first solution with continuous signal capture for this magnificent IC.

Third story is a story of our experience in digital processing of radio signals. This experience is over fifteen years. And due to this experience we have the demand to design and produce the board for the broadband radio signal capture. Our path can be traced in the context of the development of processing facilities. First it was Digital Signal Processors (DSP), then FPGA, now it is computer and video card thanks to its highly increased calculating capability. This capabilities, together with the forthcoming of the NT1065 and capture board, allow us to move steadily towards implementation of newest systems on the base of Software Navigation Receivers.

These three stories were blended into one to create this Board with good program support. Support us and our stories will be joined together, and we will go higher, hand in hand towards new achievements in navigational equipment.



NTLab is a group of companies involved in research and design of ASICs, modules and systems for various applications since 1989. NTLab design team consists of over 100 design engineers, working in 12 project departments. NTLab works with customers spread all over the world - from Western Europe, Russia, Israel, Taiwan and China to USA and Argentina.

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A russian local printed circuits board production and contract assembly company. Currently the company employs over 300 people and provide convenient services to customers all over Russia.

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EMS prototyping laboratory „Protolab Ogre” locaiting in Latvia. „Protolab Ogre” employees are experts with many years of experience in EMS production, soldering, reworking and repair as well as R&D and mass production.

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