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PCIe3.0 x16 to 2x SRIO2.1 x4
PCIeKU115 brd
PCIe3.0 x16 SDR
PCIe Serial 4xXCKU

Team experience

Digital and Analog:

  • CADs: Cadence, Mentor, Altium, PCAD, 3D SolidWorks

  • Interfaces: DDR4, PCIe3.0, SRIO2.1, SGMII, USB3, Ethernet & etc

  • ADC/DAC: AD, TI, Linear, JESD204B/Par/Ser

  • FPGA: Xilinx up to Ultrascale+, Altera, Lattice

  • DSP: TI KeyStone II, AD TigerShark, FreeScale

  • Memory: DDR4, SSRAM, NAND, 3D HMC

  • Standards: VPX (-48,-48,-57,-62), PCIe, cPCIe Serial, 3U/6U

  • Digital Speed: up to 10Gbps

  • Analog Bandwidth: up to 2200 MHz

  • Software: Linux and Windows drivers

  • Embedded software

RF and Antennas:

  • Custom super-heterodyne receivers up to 20 GHz 

  • LO synthesizers up to 20 GHz

  • Direct sampling receivers up to 1.6 GHz

  • High dynamic range HF receivers

  • High linearity LNAs

  • Ceramic resonators and microstrip filters

  • Ceramic microstrip multiple feed points antennas

  • Compact and electrically small antennas

  • Embedded antennas

  • Stable phase center antennas

  • Direction finding antenna arrays

  • Jamming protection antenna arrays


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Tartu Teaduspark

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Tartu maakond, 51014, Estonia

Legal Information:

Place of registration: Estonia

Company name: Ou Amungo,

Register code: 14097523

Address: K. Kärberi tn 16-33, Lasnamäe linnaosa, Tallinn, Harju maakond, 13812 

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