• Prebuilds of Amungo's software;

  • Cypress driver for windows;

  • Zadig - if you want to use libusb driver instead Cypress driver under windows;

  • Configs for NT1065;

  • Manuals;

  • Cypress FX3 SDK;

  • Ntlab's NT1065 configurator;

  • NtLab's NT1065 Sampler (alternative dumper from NTLab);


For NUT2NT+ board please update the files with the following.

Description, help, questions, answers - visit our forum

Our software sources available at github:

  • AmungoFx3Dumper - simple console dumper for nut4xx;

  • AmgExtract - utility to extract one channel's data from dump files made by AmungoFx3Dumper;

  • ItsFx3Firmware - code for cypress chips;

  • ItsFx3 - all-in-one software for test our boards: you can show spectrum, dump signals, find GPS correlation.

When we solve practical tasks we usually use AmunfoFx3Dumper + AmgExtract, because it is simple and It do everything we need (just dumping signal for postprocessing).
You can use ItsFX3 GUI software just for some tests.
There are very short documentation in files in repositories.

You are welcome to report about bug and give us ideas for development.

How to start?

  • You should overlook downloads (below).

  • Read our short manual 'nut4nt User Manual.pdf' about "How not to burn out a board" 

  • Windows: Install cypress drivers (you can use WinUsb but it's more difficult to install)

  • Linux: no special drivers needed

  • Launch AmungoDumper or ItsFx3

  • The software will download firmware to a chip. And this will change the device id (windows will discover a new device). So it will take a time for windows on very first run to install drivers.

  • You should use one of the nt1065's configs or make your own. See section 7.9 in NT1065_LE_DS_v2.05.pdf and overlook NT1065_Configurator software

You also can download Cypress' software from here ... opment-kit
But there is a strange 'download manager' and registration.

Zadig's page:

Short video with nut4nt demonstration